Please, make sure to read these Terms of Use (‘Terms’) with due attention prior to start using the Application (App). By using the App, you confirm that you agree to the following Terms.

These Terms can be altered by OnixMobile (The Company) without prior notification. We strongly suggest that you, as user, should regularly check the Terms in order to be aware of the possible changes within the agreement between you and the Company and new policies that might be introduced as the result of these changes.

Accepting these Terms means making an agreement between you (the User) and the Company. In case you don’t accept these Terms you should stop using the App.


  1. The App is available only for non-commercial personal use. The User can not utilize the app for any commercial, criminal, illegal or unauthorised purpose. The User must keep in mind that he/she can only use the App in compliance with the international and local laws;
  2. All and any attempts of gaining access to Company’s internal systems (services, servers, computers, etc.) or any other systems connected to the App are strictly prohibited;
  3. The User is not authorized for modifying, reverse engineering, alternating, translating, adapting or derivate any part of the App or any of its’ content;
  4. Any trademarks, promotional materials, graphics within the app are cosidered the Company’s property and can’t be copied, reproduced, distributed, edited and/or commercially used in any third-party activities without the Company’s expressed agreement.
  5. The Company is responsible for providing support service and maintenance activities in regards with the App.
  6. The Company doesn’t provide any guarantee or warranty the App will be provided uninterruptedly.
  7. The Company hold the responsibility for carrying out the required maintenance and providing user support service in accordance with applicable laws and requirements.
  8. Users are not authorized for distributing, selling, leasing, licensing, transferring, hosting, outsourcing, assigning, and/or commercially exploiting the App.
  9. All the future versions of the App are subject to these Terms.
  10. Upon using the App and agreeing to these Terms the User gives permission for dedicated software to gather analytics data from within the App. For further details, please, refer to our Privacy Policy page.


The App lets Users to get access to some of its content and functions through subscription services. Please, refer to About Subscription page and read it contents thoroughly to get the detailed information on our terms of providing subscription services.


The User should assume his/her responsibilities and associated possible risks in regards with using the App.

The Company holds no liability and/or responsibility for possible damage resulting from using the App. That includes any direct or indirect, foreseeable or not, consequential damages that may be caused by using the App and/or any of its content.

In case any conflict between current Terms and any prior version of the Terms emerges the newst version should be considered prevailing over any older editions.



In case you would like to ask any questions related to these Terms or request any additional information, please, contact us at support@onixmobile.net.

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